Junior Golf Camps


Spring Break Camp 2021

March 15th-18th, 2021

Ages 5-17

We have 2 sessions per day to choose from (you can only attend 1 session per day)

11:00 am – 12:00 pm (Session 1)

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm (Session 2)

Limited to 16 Juniors Per Session

Ingram’s PGA Golf Academy runs a 16 week program Fall and Spring. Sign-ups for Fall Academy are open, you can join the camps at any time!

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Throughout our history, we have focused on teaching juniors the game of a lifetime. Ingram’s PGA Teaching Academy at Lit’l Links Golf Club teaches juniors core values like – fairness toward oneself and fellow players, a belief in oneself and their abilities, a determination to succeed through strong work ethic, and an appreciation for others and the game. These are principles that they take with them throughout life.


Our Juniors have won over 26 State Championships

Won over 900 Tournaments on the PGA Junior Tour

Thousands of Runner-Ups

Too many to count play for Junior High, and High School golf teams

Over 50 of our Juniors have earned College Golf Scholarships (saving parents thousands of dollars on education)

4 have become Professional Golfers

Call Today To Get Started (918) 481-3673

  • Jim Ingram – Director
  • Kyle Ingram –Class A Head PGA Golf Professional/Director of Instruction
  • Amber Hensley – PGA Associate
  • Clyde Hill – Class A PGA Golf Professional

Early payment of Registration fee insures enrollment any week you choose. All camps will be limited to a certain amount of spots available. Full payment beginner camp is due ONE WEEK before it begins.

Junior Dress Code and Rules

  • Proper junior attire at Lit’l Links is a light colored t-shirt & shorts or pants with pockets, golf or tennis shoes, golf glove, & hat.
  • Bring sunscreen and insect repellent.

What to Bring for Camp

Each hour we will be taking a break. Please do not bring your own drinks or snacks. It is a violation of our food & beverage license to allow outside personal food or beverage.

  • Bring money for snacks or drinks.
  • Water will be provided.

Ingram’s PGA Teaching Academy at Lit’l Links Golf Club is the one of the largest private junior golf schools in America. Our PGA Teaching Professionals have taught over 8,000 juniors in Tulsa over the last 26 years.

All juniors that attend our golf camps will receive free clubs and must be used in their camps here at Lit’l Links Golf Club. We will provide golf clubs to fit our students, rather than making our students fit a standard golf club. The training grip, club length and shaft flex are critical to teaching the correct posture, wrist action and swing plane. Therefore, junior clubs are properly fit within 2″ for best performance. In Ingram’s PGA Teaching Academy at Lit’l Lit’l Links Golf Club, students in our Beginner Camp will learn what clubs perform best for them and which clubs should be bought for personal use in Advance Camp.

Assumption of Risk: By the very nature of the activity, golf carries a risk of physical injury. No matter how careful the student and the teacher are, the risk cannot be eliminated. The risk of injury includes minor injuries such as bruises and more serious injuries such as broken bones, dislocations and muscle pulls. Sports or any activity that involves motion and rotation in a unique environment carries with it a reasonable assumption of risk. Lit’l Links is bound by law to inform all participants and/or their guardians of the risk involved in the activity of golf in general. In consideration for Lit’l Links accepting the applicant, and in consideration of the applicant having an opportunity to improve skills through the use of Lit’l Links staff, those legally responsible for the named enrolling student realize the risk of injury involved and hereby agree to assume the responsibility of such for said student and further agree to save and hold harmless Lit’L Links Golf Club., its staff and teachers, and all others concerned, and to indemnify them against loss, intending to be legally bound.

Medical Release: I certify that the enrollee has no condition that prohibits full participation in the activities at Lit’l Links. I assume all ordinary risks when the enrollee is using the facilities and hereby release Lit’l Links, or any of its staff or teachers, for any injury or damage suffered in connection with said use of the facility. In case of emergency, if I cannot be reached, I authorize Lit’l Links, its agents and staff, to contact and secure necessary medical attention for the applicant.