Lighted Driving Range


Lit’l Links has an excellent lighted driving range with all grass tees. The range faces East away from the setting sun. It has 2 target fairways that are 300 yards long and 14 target greens surrounding a lake to help you work on every club in your bag.

For visual effectiveness, our grass tees and target greens are seeded with Bermuda grass in the summer, and Rye grass in the winter. Target green distances are laser measured to ensure accuracy. Our range balls are top of the line practice balls for consistent flight and distances for range practice.

Our driving range is the brightest lighted driving range in the State of Oklahoma.

Our all-weather, all-season year-round teaching facility features a 1,200 square foot putting surface with multiple holes and rough to chip from.  Ingram’s PGA Golf Academy indoor/outdoor studio is heated and air-conditioned, with two bays and roll-up garage doors to allow for teaching in any weather condition.

Featuring the latest launch monitor technology from Foresight & TrackMan, our teaching facility is second to none.  It also has an impact screen, projector, and high-definition screens allowing students to see their swing in high definition, frame-by-frame, and a virtual range & virtual courses allowing students to work on every club.


June through August 15th – Summer Hours
Open @ 8:00 a.m.
Golf Shop Closes @ 8:00 pm, Gates locked @ 9 pm
Buckets sold until 8:00 pm, You Can hit until 8:45 pm, Gates Locked at 9 pm sharp, all unattended cars will be locked in.


August 7th – August 14th – 

Open @ 8:00 a.m

Golf Shop Closes @ 7:30pm, Gates locked @ 8:30pm

Buckets sold until 7:30, You Can hit until 8:15pm



August 15th – Back To School Hours
Open @ 8:00 a.m.
Golf Shop Closes @ 7:15 pm, Gates locked @ 8 pm
Buckets sold until 7:15 pm, You Can hit until 7:45 pm, Gates Locked at 8 pm sharp, all unattended cars will be locked in.

September through May
Please call the Golf Shop at (918) 481-3673 for current hours of operation


  • Large Bucket (75 Balls) – $13.82 + Tax
  • Extra Large (110 Balls) – $17.51 +Tax
  • Jumbo Bucket (185 Balls) – $27.65 + Tax
  • Senior Large Bucket (75 Balls)- $7.38 + Tax
  • Free $3 Drink with Each Purchase